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Take control of your money and eliminate emotions. Our company has achieved to take crypto investing to the next level, using efficient and optimized AI algorithms, allowing you to use them in a very simple way.

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Whether you're an expert trader looking for profitable strategies to create a diversified, well-structured portfolio or somene who wants to learn how this whole thing works, Smartrader is designed with both needs in mind.



Automate your portfolio with our reliable AI live strategies. Let our algorithms do the job for you, as you watch your portfolio value increase.


Get full access to our educational and learning tools, which include a variety of courses, lessons, cryptocurrency information, and much more.


Create a well structured portfolio, with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies that can be set with our AI strategies. Apply different strategies to different assets and become a Smartrader.


Get advantage of our analysis and news section, as our team of Smartraders will be providing highly valuable information, recent news and sentiment analysis. Remember to visit our Smart Blog!

Safety and Control

Our AI strategies are connected via API key, so your money will always stay in your exchange account.


Join our community of traders and interact by sharing your results, achievements and valuable information.

What our clients say about us

Tomás Galindo

Bogotá, Colombia

Es una plataforma simplemente excepcional... Sencilla, útil y ahorra horas de trabajo.

Sebastián Guerrero

Bogotá, Colombia

¡Es la mejor herramienta! que deben de tener All traders a la hora de crear, modificar y optimizar su estrategia.

Juan Triviño

Montreal, Canada

This platform has really made my life as an investor easier. What I like the most is the ease with which I can test my strategies. It was an excellent decision.

Daniel Espinosa

Miami, USA

It has never been so easy to manage my investments, best of all, I have time to combine my two passions, flying and investing.

Sergio Cuellar

San Jose, USA

The best invention for people like me who get carried away by their emotions. Now I operate with the peace of mind that I only have to optimize the...

Felipe Abello

San Francisco - USA

Finally I can automate my trades hassle- free! SmarTrader is allowing anyone to build complex automations without having any technical background!

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