Automated investment tools

The smart way to buy crypto!

Simple automated tools to invest and save in cryptocurrencies recurrently. Link your exchange and automate your investments.

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Forget banks, save in crypto!

Take control over your money. Don’t lose your profits over inflation, commissions and expensive fees charged by traditional banks and funds. Your profits are 100% yours.

Simple and automated tools

Make recurring purchases, secure profits on the run or go for that one shot. Don’t let your emotions, lack of time or knowledge get in the way of your investments, with our automated tools, set your preferences and we’ll do the rest for you.

Easy set up

  1.  Download our app
  2.  Link your exchange
  3.  Run automated tools

New to crypto? We've got you

Cryptos can be overwhelming and exchanges even more, learn all about them in our CoinBook and Smart School. Also, check out our Smart Baskets with multiple coins, specially selected and grouped to offer maximum value.



Intuitive interface, easy to set up automated tools. No financial or trading experience is required.


Great variety of exchanges and cryptocurrencies you can choose from. Don't get tight up with one exchange.

Cloud execution

Crypto markets don't sleep, but you can! Set your investments and we'll do the hard work for you 24/7.


Take advantage of the biggest wealth-creating opportunity in a generation, save in crypto.


Join our community on Discord for crypto ratings, news, discussions, ideas and more!


Get full access to our educational and learning tools, which include a variety of courses, crypto information, and much more.

Multi-exchange integration

We support all major exchanges, link your accounts of preference and manage all your investments from one app.

Download our app and win $10 in crypto!

Our plans



  • 1 exchange integration
  • 1 live tool
  • Smart School




  • Smart Baskets
  • 10 exchange integrations
  • Unlimited live tools
  • Smart School

Download our app and win $10 in crypto!

The ETF of the Web3

The first-ever NFT Crypto Basket. The easiest way to own a share in a diversified crypto portfolio.
Coming soon!

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